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Minecraft is a sandbox game that has been popular. It allows the player to have full control on the game world's environment and make changes to it as per the user's wish. It has three game modes namely: Creative, Survival and Adventure. It is available on PC as well as android.

Creative mode is used to create maps, creations without hindrance of collecting materials. 

Survival mode is for players who want to face the adventure of collecting materials, fighting against mobs, locating and clearing dungeons.

Adventure mode was created for player made maps, it disallows the player from destroying certain blocks without the use of tools required to break them, this adds a certain twist to the map allowing the creator to direct the player along a route passing through obstacles and puzzles. 

There is also a hardcore difficulty mode in survival, where you cannot save your game and you lose your progress if you die, this mode is for bragging rights.

Note: Multiplayer is only available on LAN networks for this app.


Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK from Google Drive:

Android: Download

iOS: Will be included soon

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