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While Cable/DTH Prices going upwards it's necessary to completely ditch it and switch to Live TV Streaming through the Internet. It's Free and improving day by day. Here is the list of our favorite Free TV Streaming apps for India. You just need to sideload the app in your Smart Tv, Fire TV Stick, Mi TV, or any Dongle/ Selector Box. While there are tons of them we only list reliable and app with most Indian channels.

1) Jio Android TV App

Don't get confused with the phone version for Jio TV. This is designed for android TV and works better with a remote and without a phone. Never miss a moment of your favorite TV shows. Pause and play live TV programs from the point you left off.

2) Legendary Tv

This is a mobile version app but works completely fine with remote and there are hardly any ads. Almost all channels are present. The only problem is that they have limited servers and steaming lags during peak time. You can watch world tv channels with it completely free without any account required. 

3) RedBox Tv

RedBox TV is providing tons of working Live TV channels with quality content and without any type of subscription and charge. It has tons of ads but works good and has a good catalog of Indian and world channels. Only pop-up ads are super annoying. 

4) Live Net TV

The main problem with this app is that it has very limited channels but none the less it works better in streaming and is lag-free. It has annoying ads that you need to exit every time you select a channel. This is also a mobile version but works with a TV remote. 

5) THOP Tv

Watch 3000+ Indian and International Channels with 7 days of Indian CATCHUP TV and 3000+ Movies and VODs and TV Serials from anywhere in the world. This app has tons of annoying video and image ads but gets the job done. Hard to navigate with the tv remote but smooth and full Hd streaming

(Updated APK with fixed access)


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