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The Carvaan is a new Bluetooth speaker released by the Saregama label. The Carvaan is not just a simple speaker, as you would expect from such a source. While the B&O 's A2 is a modern and refined concept, for the Carvaan, which is definitely retro, Saregama went with a chunky and boxy design.

Listen to 5000 Old Songs. Here is the Google Drive Link of the whole CD from Retro Caravan Radio Media Player.

5000 Old songs

The market price of SaReGaMa Carvaan Radio is Rs.5200, so it's a valuable gift.

7.35 hrs of Old Songs for Free

Download Music CD MP3 From Google Drive -

(Thanks to Krishna P for informing us about the broken link. The same has been fixed. Download now.)

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